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Christmas Shirts 2015: Day 5

December 4th: KRAMPUS, BITCHES!!!!


Because today is the day of the KRAMPUS MOVIE!!!!! WOOOOOT!

Christmas Shirts 2015: Day 4

December 3rd: Yeah yeah yeah…

Christmas Shirts 2015: Day 3

Today’s shirt (December 2nd):

Christmas Shirts 2015: Day 2

Yeah, so, I was good about posting for a whole day. *sigh*

Yesterday’s shirt (December 1st):


Christmas Shirts 2015: Day 1

It is November 30, 2015. I have received a few Christmas related shirts from woot and one non-woot one on the way. With my current shirts and the ones on the way, I think that I can wear a Christmas shirt to work every day from now until I leave for vacation on December 23rd.

Now, some might give me shit for today because it is not December. I actually brought this up to Aelerelean but he pointed out that it’s after Thanksgiving so it’s okay. That and it’s a Monday. It’s good to start on a Monday.


Today’s shirt: