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We’re gonna give this amazon associates thing another try.


Upgraded to wordpress 3.0.


Don’t mind me, just messing around with themes…

WordPress upgraded

Successfully upgraded to 2.71. interesting interface.


Afternoon, readers, this is your pilot speaking. If you look to the right of this page, you will see a link that says “RSS”. If you click that little link, you can add this site to the reader of your choice. In Firefox, you can add it to your Google reader. In IE7, it will add it to its reader (as far as I can tell). I will research ways to make this better. I will also look for an automatic email sending thing. For now, use the RSS link or follow me on Twitter (requires an account). My page will send a Tweet when I make a new post.

Now sit back, and enjoy the rest of your flight…

WordPress upgrade

WordPress upgrade to 2.6 complete as of 1:13pmCST.


I need to learn to use tags and categories!


I’m still playing around with themes and layout and such.

Test Drive

So, let’s take this puppy out for a spin, shall we?