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Bento: Nov 17 2014


Today’s “holy crap it’s cold outside” bento:

  • Tom Kah soup with broccoli and sugar snap peas because I wanted some green veggies
  • The Return of the Kozy Shack Rice Pudding
  • Baybel Cheese, seriously I bought A LOT OF THEM.
  • Cherry Mixed Fruit fruit cup

Packed in a Lock and Lock and a Pikmin tote bag.

I Can’t Wait For It To Be Monday So I Can Have This For Lunch Bento: 10 Nov 2014

“I Can’t Wait For It To Be Monday So I Can Have This For Lunch.” Bento


  • Homemade chicken pot pie with top and bottom crust (because nothing can be simple!)
  • Handful of our friend, sugar snap peas
  • Baybel cheese (I bought a ton of these. what was I thinking? Goddamn Costco)
  • A Ghiradelli chocolate that I just threw in there the last minute
  • Kozy Shack Tapioca pudding. Yum yum in my tum!
  • Japanese gummi candy that was just in the bag

Bento: Nov 04 2014

“Holy shit I still have that chicken?” Bento


“No Bento box can hold THIS haul!”



  • Gladware container with chopped chicken thighs from waaaay too long ago, steamed broccoli, a bit of leftover Bacon Mac and Cheese, and a heaping tablespoon of homemade velveeta.
  • THE REST OF THAT GODDAMN APPLE FROM YESTERDAY! Seriously! 7 ounces of apple! The fuck? Who is breeding these monster Honey Crisps??
  • Mini Baybel Cheese
  • The return of the 4oz of blackberries
  • And my Kozy Shack Rice Pudding

Calorie Count: Approximately 630 calories. I’m going to the gym today. This may not bode well….

Bento: Nov 03 2014

“Hey I forgot I had this tuna in here!” Bento

  • One 70 calorie pouch of Starkist tuna with a tablespoon of goat cheese and a squirt of olive oil mayo (Natural Lunch Bento)
  • 11 water crackers. 11. Precisely.
  • One mini Baybel cheese
  • Random fridgesmart Tupperware container with EIGHT OUNCES OF APPLE. Why? Why are honey Crisp Apples so goddamn big??
  • One Tupperware Snack container (4 oz) of blackberries
  • One Kozy Shack Rice Pudding (Hey, I like it, okay?)

Total calorie count: Approximately 550
After eating: FUCKING STARVING BY 4pm. Are you kidding me? So not enough food.

Bento: Monday 10-27-2014


This bento consists of:

  • Chicken Fried Rice
  • Sugar Snap Peas
  • One Baybel Cheese

And yes, I was fucking STARVING about an hour later. This was most definitely not enough food, but the fried rice was tasty! Secret: fish sauce. Not authentic, sure, but tasty.

All packed in a green Natural Lunch bento that I can’t a find a link to ANYWHERE. The hell, internet!

Bento Reboot

Looking over my old bento posts made me want to pack my lunch again. So here I am!



  • Soboro with peas and carrots over rice
  • Grapes
  • Snow peas

Packed in a Hakoya Rectangle Lady’s Bento Dark Brown which I’m sure you can still find at Ichiban Kan, but I can’t link it because they stopped selling online long ago (NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!). 🙁

First Bento Box!

First Bento Box

My first proper bento box. Ordered from Ichiban Kan. It is a Hakoya Rectangle Lady’s Bento Dark Brown. I got it last week sometime. I just packed a lunch in it.

Today’s lunch:

  • Soboro with peas and carrots
  • Handful (barely) of blackberries
  • Sugar snap peas
  • 3 cheese(like) cubes

Breakfast Bento


Originally uploaded by topenga dent

A breakfast bento!

–Cheese grits shaped with onigiri shapers
–Hardboiled egg shaped like a fish

I have also begun wrapping my lunches (when I don’t use my lunchbox) in a bandanna. All I had at this point was a pink one. I fucking hate pink. Why do I own it? Well, why do I own a Pimp Cup? Part of a Halloween costume. I have acquired more fabric to make my own wrappings. Because pink sucks.

Refrigerator clean-out bento

Refrigerator clean-out bento

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The ever popular Refrigerator Clean Out Bento! This was eaten over two weeks ago (2/19). Contains:

–Chicken Dumplings (from a Bento cookbook)
–Whole Wheat couscous
–Stuffed Onigiri
–small container of either soy or ponzu sauce

Why is this the Clean Out bento? Well…this is the last of everything except fruit. Duh.

Bento 2-23-09

Bento 2-23-09

Originally uploaded by topenga dent


–Properly made soboro (amazing what it tastes like when you have the right ingredients)
–rice (under the meat
–Sugar snap peas
–Lime Jell-o with strawberries

All (minus the jello) in a 600mL Lock & Lock.