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I Can’t Wait For It To Be Monday So I Can Have This For Lunch Bento: 10 Nov 2014

“I Can’t Wait For It To Be Monday So I Can Have This For Lunch.” Bento


  • Homemade chicken pot pie with top and bottom crust (because nothing can be simple!)
  • Handful of our friend, sugar snap peas
  • Baybel cheese (I bought a ton of these. what was I thinking? Goddamn Costco)
  • A Ghiradelli chocolate that I just threw in there the last minute
  • Kozy Shack Tapioca pudding. Yum yum in my tum!
  • Japanese gummi candy that was just in the bag

Bento for 2-17-09

Today’s Bento

I’ve been taking pictures of my lunches for months with the intention of posting. Well, dammit, today is the day. Today’s lunch, packed in a square 600mL Lock & Lock (from Walmart. Ugh. WalMart), features:

  • Soboro with whole wheat couscous instead of rice (I ran out of precooked rice. I let Tico use the last bit in his lunch today).
  • Chicken dumplings from a recipe in Bento Boxes cookbook I got from JList.
  • A hardboiled piggy egg (hardboiled egg molded with an ice cream sandwich maker.)
  • Strawberries
  • Blackberries

What I learned from this bento:

  • If I pack my lunch the night before, I can stay in bed that much longer the next day. 🙂
  • DON’T PACK YOUR LUNCH ON A FULL STOMACH. There is not nearly enough food in this bento to last me until I get home at 9:30 tonight. A regular day, sure. But I have a class tonight. I’m gonna starve (hah!). I also packed a smoked salmon and cream cheese onigiri.
  • Soboro with couscous instead of rice is surprisingly good.