Mother. Fucker.

This is just not fucking fair.

We drafted last Wednesday, the night before the opening game. I thought I drafted fairly well. Other said I made pretty good picks (based on the past). I felt pretty good. I log in later and Yahoo rated my draft a D. A goddamn D. I have Colin Kaepernick, LeSean McCoy, I actually had GOOD wide receivers! But no, my draft sucks.

Or does it:


220 points. Two hundred and twenty motherfucking points…AND I STILL LOSE WEEK ONE! Why? My opponent, the goddamn football whisperer, had Aaron Rodgers, Adrian motherfucking Peterson, Reggie “My Career Is Not Over” Bush, Anquan “Just Kick Me In The Nuts” Boldin and, Brian “Yes I love Defensive Touchdowns” Cushing.

This is probably the best goddamn week I will ever have. This is just not fucking fair.