Hi! Come on in!
Oooooh, look at dat baby! Gimme dat baby!!
Oh he’s not heavy!
So what if he’s four months old and 40 pounds! Babies shouldn’t be skinny! He’ll grow out of it!
Is he hungry? Oh you just fed him? He sure looks hungry.
Look how he’s following that fork! Dat baby is hungry!
I don’t care that he just ate, feed dat baby!
Just a little bit of sweet potatoes! Look how he just sucked that up!
Oh, it’s just a little bit of meat!
Of course he doesn’t want that nasty jarred stuff! He’s had real food!
A tiny taste of Big Momma’s dressing!
Now he’s got to have some of Miss Pearl’s macaroni and cheese!
He’s not crying because his little belly hurts! He’s hungry!
Hey! You made it home okay?
You took him out of the seat and found the turkey leg? And it was sucked clean?
Well, I told you.

Dat baby is hungry.