Dear Cowboys,

Welp, you tried.


Dear Steelers,

It is very hard to watch Antonio Brown score over and over and be happy when your opponent in Fantasy Football has Antonio Brown and you have DeAngelo Williams. All night was “YEAH! *FUCK*”, “Don’t pass it, don’t pass it, don’t pass it!!!!”, “Run it, run it, run it!!!!” Good job, guys. 🙂


Dear Cleveland Browns,

It’s you. It’s not your QBs. It’s you. You are fucking up perfectly good players. Your organization is royally screwing up players. Fix it.


Dear Rams,



Dear City of Los Angeles,

Congratulations, you assholes. You begged and begged and begged and pleaded and bitched and cried for years. “We don’t have a team!” “We deserve a team!” “Give us a team!” I have never wished so hard for aliens to wipe a city/”fan base” off the planet. Well. There’s your fucking team.


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