Dear Five Dollar Football,

It is sad to think that now that I finally got the hang of this fantasy football thing it’s come to an end. This was the first year that I made it to playoffs (so did everyone else. Shut up.). This was the first year I was not dead last or second to last. I was quite proud of how I did even though it took me far too long to drop RG3. I believe I scored the most points in a season than I ever have in the past. I was looking very much forward to applying what I learned to next year’s league but it seems that is not to be. šŸ™ We had some good times. And it only cost me $5. Whee.

Dear ESPN League that only had one other person that I knew,

HOLY FUCKING SHIT I WON THE LEAGUE! WHOOP WHOOP! Texans defense, never change.

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