Dear replacement refs,

You are truly horrible. You have no business in the NFL. Not just because you can’t learn the rules (there’s a lot of fucking rules, takes years to learn) in a short time. Not just because you all apparently have the worst eyesight known to man. But because you have no control over anyone. Not the players, not the coaches. You are the substitute teacher that none of the kids respect. Oh you could have had them had you been hard-assed in the beginning. But no. You guys couldn’t throw a flag. You just kinda tossed them on the field. You needed to throw that shit like you meant it. You waited far too long. You also can’t break up a fight for shit. Not a single flag is being thrown by you guys for flagrant fouls and fights. Therefore the player give not a single fuck because there are no consequences.

Dude, one of you guys got punched in the goddamn face by a player and you did nothing. No wonder you have no control! But now all of a sudden there’s a rule about coaches approaching and intimidating you? Oh honey. That’s not going to do shit. Because you have 250 pound guys that are attacking you. I watched Ray Lewis walk up to a ref after another bad call and target him. He pulled that “I see you and I will remember you” move. You guys should all be shitting kittens.

You know you’re wrong. You know you’re out of your league. Yes, it was a once in a lifetime opportunity. And you had it. Now walk off. Because you’re causing serious damage to players with your ineptitude.

Do us all a favor and just leave.

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