Last Christmas I renewed my interest in photography. I asked for and received a Canon SX20 digital camera. It’s essentially a big ass point and shoot. An acquaintance’s husband actually sneered at it because it wasn’t a DSLR. Well, I didn’t want to have to keep up with lenses and DSLR’s a fucking expensive. I don’t have the same network of people with lenses that I can just borrow, jackass. That just pissed me off. Holy shit, different people have different needs/requirements? Stop the fucking presses! Anyway. I like my camera. I can turn it to full auto and get regular shots or I can turn it to full manual…and be dumbfounded because I don’t know shit about real photography. I get some great shots, I’ve done interesting things, I even plan on getting a hacked firmware for it. Then, suddenly, I wanted an SLR. Old school. Film. Lenses. Just after I got done bitching that I didn’t want to keep up with that crap. *sigh*

I hit up ebay and found a sweet Minolta SR-T 202. This motherfucker was built in the 70’2, back when they knew how to make shit. Heavy, built like a brick shithouse, three lenses, manual (ORIGINAL), case, remote shutter bulb, and strap. Total cost? $35. As far as I can tell, it’s in great condition, supposedly perfect for a student. I ran a roll of cheap film through it but I haven’t managed to get it developed. (lazy++) Then I decided that I wanted an instant camera. I already have a Polaroid PoGo Printer but I missed the instant cameras. So I found and bought a Fuji Instax Mini7. It’s cool! Little business card sized pictures (what is it with me a mini pictures??)!

Recently, I got as a present, some Instax instant film….for the wide format instant camera. I dunno if I mistakenly put the big film on there or Amazon screwed up the links but now I had this film that I didn’t want to return. And I had been looking at the wide format camera for a while now. Maybe it was a sign. Maybe I should have the Fuji Instax 210. Or maybe it’s the holiday season and once I start binge buying stuff, I can’t stop until the money is gone. Welp. The money ain’t gone and Precision Camera on N. Lamar (fucking awesome place) had them in stock. So now I’m the proud owner of the 210. this thing is MASSIVE. The pictures don’t do it justice. They need to put a baby next to it to show you the massive size of this thing. The Polaroid One Step was never this big. I haven’t opened it yet, but I plan on playing around with it very, very soon.

Yes. I am a consumer whore. Especially for cameras and camera equipment.