Why do you have to make new cards so godawful huge?!? WHY??? Why did I have to disassemble my whole system just to fit this fucking huge monter of a card into my box? WHY? Why will it have to make @aelerelean get rid of an entire harddrive just to get his card to fit? The hell man? Goddamn! I mean, shit, guys. What kind of rigs do you think we run? It’s not all monster tripleplushuge watercooled behemoths! Some of us have smaller cases and, apparently, shitty airflow. But hell, man, I should have to start looking for cases with 4 120mm fans just to keep *YOUR* cards working properly. UGH! And why would I need a new case and more fans? Because your goddamn card idles at 70C. 70C!!!!  When I exit the Sims, it’s coming down from over 92C. That’s 15 kinds of retarded.All of my fans work, but apparently they just can’t handle the “awesomeness” that is your big ass, has at least 2 of it’s own fans running at 100%, card. Jesus!

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