Dear EA,

I am a Sims fan. I bought every expansion for the original sims, I bought quite a few expansions for Sims 2 and eagerly awaited Sims 3. Each game brought their own quirks. When multiple neighborhoods were implemented, the game got a little flaky, but nothing the patch couldn’t fix. When Makin’ Magic came out, I could only play one neighborhood. I grew used to these little “sorry, no time to thoroughly test/fix shit” issues. I worked around them. Now that Sims 3 is out, I fully anticipated taking a little time to really get up and running. I install but couldn’t log in to the web site to register my game. Finally got over that and began to make a sim and start a game. The game would run for 3 minutes then freeze for two. Well, my machine was iffy anyway so I’ll do a repair install of XP. Didn’t fix it. Updated all drivers. Didn’t fix it. Reinstalled the Sims on Windows 7 (I know, I know, unsupported). It froze worse than XP. Reinstalled XP and patched everything all to hell. Now the game runs for 1 minute and freezes for 2. Fuck. Why do you hate me EA? Have I not faithfully bought your games? Why must you do this to me? I admit, my hardware is a little old, but your system checker thingy says I am above and beyond your requirements. And laptops slower than my system can run Sims 3 flawlessly. Why? What have I done? Is it because you got used to me upgrading my system before each major release? I’m sorry. I thought I didn’t need to tithe this time. I am remedying the situation now. I have a new chip and board on it’s way to see if this solves the issue. Please. Please let this be enough to let me waste countless hours playing with a new dollhouse that will let me be a dick to my virtual neighbors.

Please, EA?

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