Dear Cowboys,

Take it. A win is a win. Do better.


Dear Steelers,

I knew it. I knew that you were going to struggle. I didn’t think you’d actually lose, but I knew it would be a fight. I can’t be angry. I’m done being angry over my teams’ losses. My anger is very directed at one person/group and it’s not you or any other team. Some shit happened during your game, I’m sure. The hit on Heyward-Bey didn’t look bad at all. But holy shit did my heart stop when I saw him lying there like a ragdoll. We thought “He just got hit in the collarbone. Maybe the top of the helmet hit his facemask.” But apparently not. I completely disagree with every article that calls it a vicious hit. There was no way that was a vicious hit. And goddamnit he was not sandwiched either. look at the fucking tape! *grumble*. Get healthy, come back, do good.


Dear Todd Haley,

Apparently you cannot talk to Ben that way. I dunno what you said, or how you said, but don’t do it. On the other hand, it smacks of Ben saying “You’re not my real father!” and being obstinate. Whatever. Don’t be a dick to him and he won’t be a dick to you.


Dear NFL and NFL RedZone,

THREE OVERTIME GAMES??? THREE??? Holy shit, that was an exciting time! I love the fuck out of RedZone for situations just like this. HOWEVER, you need to fix it so that the RedZone can show the endings of games. That was complete bullshit (hey, I’m noticing a trend) that they had to end it like that. Despite that, thanks for making Sunday exciting.


Dear Pete Carroll (Seahawks Coach),

You should be fucking ashamed of yourself. You knew that call was wrong and yet instead of giving a toned down or even better, no interview, you acted like you won the fucking lottery. Fuck you.

Dear Golden Tate,

You knew it was wrong. You knew you didn’t have the ball. I give you credit for realizing that this was a touchy situation and not celebrating like a fool in front of the camera like your coach. You both should have taken the high road and refused the after game interview.

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