I look up from my keyboard because I hear th bedroom door open. It’s @aelerelean. He’s up. To go to work. Oh god, it’s 7:15am…and I’m. Still. Working. On. The. Report. I gave up on the coding around 5am. I work until he leaves, then get dressed, grab 2 more 5 hour energys and leave. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

I get work work. I finish my report. It is surreal. My bullshit river has some serious flow when I’m sleep deprived. As I finish, I realize I have no idea how to submit it. He never said. I print out a copy and take my flash drive. I get to class. and I watch as 5 people show up, two of which put their hardcopy (SPIRAL BOUND) reports on the front table. I put my stapled copy up front. Class slowly fills up. No one has slept. No one. In the middle of lecture he asks “so, who’s not happy with their project?” Not like “Hey, let’s talk about the project” I mean “So here is the algorithm for this search. Now let me draw this node tree. Who isn’t happy with their project?”

Long story short (because I still haven’t slept and I’m hungry): He extended it another week. And even said “Hey if you guys had said something last week, I would have extended it.”


And here’s a public apology to my partner. Her code didn’t work either. SHE didn’t want to hold ME up. 🙁

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