I’m not even going to wait for the Cowboys game tonight.

Dear Refs,

Wow. not even you guys like the Packers. 😉 Thank you for being you and breaking up fights, and not taking shit. I never thought I would miss you guys so much.


Dear Herp McDerp Manning,

I played you yesterday instead of RG3. RG3 is fucking awesome. You broke my heart week one. But I was convinced by SOMEONE to put you in because 1) the Eagles were supposed to suck and 2) the Tampa defense was supposed to be too good for a rookie like RG3.

Redskins 24
Buccaneers: 22

Does THAT look like a crushing defense? Especially if you watched the first half of the game? No. No it does not. So here I am, with a shit lineup because I can’t draft a running back to save my fucking like, my opponent has people I have actually heard of and is even playing a running back from a team that is one a fucking BYE. I’m almost certain he did that on purpose. And you’re starting. God fucking dammit. But you pulled it out. You and RG3 have been pretty even (except for week 1) so it’s been really hard to pick who to sit. We cool, right? Cool.


Dear Jets,

I don’t even know what to say. A shut out. SHUT THE FUCK OUT. I have Nick Folk as my kicker because that’s how I roll. And because I am responsible for Nate Kaeding’s first kick, first quarter, week one injury last season because I drafted him. Anyway, Nick was always good for 12 points or something. Not yesterday. 0 points. Zero. Nada. Zip. Not even negative points for missing kicks. Do you know what that means? That means the Jests never got close enough to even attempt points. Like some comedian said, the difference between bad credit and no credit is that with bad credit, you tried and failed. With no credit? You didn’t even try! Blargh! Your team is horrible and you should feel horrible.


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