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It must be Christmas Time…

Because I apparently really only update this thing at Christmas. Ugh.

So, I did indeed strain my infusions, sweetened two of them and set them all to age. They will be bottled for presents. They look quite festive. I also discovered a large Svedka bottle of raspberry-apricot infused vodka in the back of the pantry. The raspberries were infused LAST YEAR and the apricots I added in January ans strained sometime earlier this year. Oh and there was a jar of apricot infused vodka. Dunno what the hell to do with any of this. I make stuff and either don’t eat/drink it or just give it away blindly. Who knows if people even like these experiments.

Anyway, on to the other kitchen stuff. This season I have on my list to make:

  1. Meringue cookies (another experiment. Never made them before)
  2. 3 types of jam/jelly with a variety of fruit. 2 is a variety, right?
  3. Bourbon caramel sauce (again, an experiment)
  4. 3 flavors of marshmallows
  5. Chocolate Cherry Bourbon bark (experiment. recipe includes the lines “hat bourbon you drained off? Swig that shit.” Yeah.)
  6. Honey Caramels. I have not yet decided if I’m going to do this one.

So yeah. And I haven’t ordered my jars yet. I may just deal with the regular canning jars from the grocery store this year. It’s about what’s inside, not the outside. Yeah. That’s it.