Monthly Archives: December 2011

Holiday Updates


I have no kitchen.

Before I had no kitchen, I sweetened up that last batch of coffee vodka. It was a hit. Both with the ultimate receiver of this gift and with my coworkers. Yay! When I get my kitchen back (scheduled for three days before Christmas), I will be a cooking and canning fiend. Here’s what I am planning:

  • Apple Pie jam with real bits of apple
  • Triple Berry Sangria jam
  • Peach Mango preserves (one of my older recipes)
  • Lime Curd
  • Marshmallows (topped with stuff…man I hope it works out)
  • Caramels
  • Scottish Tablet
  • Coffee Liqueur
There’s other non Kitchen Crafty Crap(tm) that really I should have been doing. I mean, I had all frigging summer. Hrm…