Monthly Archives: December 2010

Crafty Update

  1. Meringue cookies: SUCCESS! They were pretty damn good!
  2. Jam/jelly: 4 dozen so far. Double berry sangria, pomegranate-cherry, apple pie (with real apples…looks like applesauce 🙁 ), and a pomegranate-cherry-Christmas Wine one.
  3. Bourbon caramel sauce: That shit takes too long to make. Maybe next year. When I have more time. (wheee!)
  4. 3 flavors of marshmallows: SUCCESS! The last batch of chocolate ones that I took to work were described as tasting like Count Chocula without the milk.
  5. Chocolate Cherry Bourbon bark: meh. The cherries were too wet and cause the chocolate to look like it was moldy. The second batch seized so bad I tossed it. I might try again with slightly better directions.
  6. Honey Caramels: Nope. didn’t even try.

Now here is a list of stuff I did manage to get right that I hadn’t planned to do:

  1. 3 batches of fudge. I might make more since I have more chips. It’s quick and easy and people seem to like it okay.
  2. A Longhorn patterned no sew fleece throw. I made one for my mom in Cowboys pattern a couple of years ago. I swore I would never make another. Apparently I lied. My back still aches. Those things take minimum two hours to make for an adult sized one. I think I’ll move on to making baby blankets. Or pillows.

So..two is not really a list, huh. I plan on making more jams/jellies because I ran out of time and got started way late this year. I’m going to experiment with IKEA juice drink concentrates. Ooooohhh…