Monthly Archives: November 2009

More Progress

11-6 weekend:

  • 2 batches of caramels
  • fruitcake recipe #2 ¬†(less dried fruits, more candied traditional fruits)
  • 2 batches of prickled green beans
  • 1 batch of pickled asparagus
  • lime vodka infusion sweetened to make it limcello.

11-13 weekend goals:

  • *drumroll please* ¬†JELLY!

Between this, homework for two classes, and a project; it’s gonna be a long weekend.

Oh Lord

53 pounds of canning jars and other assorted packaging is motoring (i’ll be damned if I splurge for air shipping for some jars!) its way here. 53 pounds. 2 boxes.

Also, just ordered 1.5 pounds of vanilla beans. WHO NEEDS THAT MANY VANILLA BEANS?? Not all for me though.


I turned to @aelerelean the other day and said “I really need to order these jars for the jellies.” I ordered them 45 minutes ago. I thought “awesome, I’m ahead of schedule!” I search my email for last year’s order: 11/10/2008. Ugh. Just barely ahead. Barely.


  • 1 batch of caramels
  • fruitcake #1 tested well
  • Guinea pigs did not die/go blind