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Sunday Eats

I don’t know what it is about Sundays, but I feel the need to cook all the things and clean some of the things. It is the day that I can finally get things done without distractions. I can clean, I can repair, and most importantly cook stuff. I’m hoping I can make this a weekly thing. Something to make me starting updating this thing. Next time I’ll remember to take pictures.

Last Sunday (4/22) I made a roast chicken for dinner. Roast chicken (Central Market), purple hull peas (Texas Daily Harvest delivered by Greenling.com), and fresh broccoli (Central Market). Broccoli is no big thing, neither are the peas. The chicken….ahh the chicken. I am wary of chicken now. I failed to cook one all the way through and made both Aelerelean and me sick. I am now 3 for 4 in successful roast chicken. I usually rub it down with copious amounts of butter and generous amounts of kosher salt. That’s all it needed. This chicken, however, got the special treatment. I have in my possession the most glorious of congealed substances: duck fat.Oh my my, oh hell yes. I rubbed–nay massaged– that 4 pound chicken with softened butter and sweet sweet duck fat. no crevice was missed, nor was the cavity neglected. Let me tell you folks, that this was one damn tasty bird once done. My oven on the other hand….well, I forgot. Duck fat likes to pop. A lot. Oh well. Juicy, tasty bird. Would eat again. A++++++.

That was dinner. A 4 pound bird only takes about 1.5 hours to cook at 400 (internal temp 165!). What did I do earlier in the day? Made cinnamon rolls. No idea why I wanted cinnamon rolls. I just did. They turned out pretty good. Lots of time spent waiting for the dough to rise. Peh. That’s the only part I don’t like about baking bready things. The waiting. It is indeed the hardest part. I did learn one thing though. My couple of years old instant yeast is still alive. Gotta love a nice frosty freezer.